Plug en de Boer Schroef ReparatieAt Plug & de Boer the client is the king, we will always try to help you as fast and as good as possible with problems with regards to the screw of your ship.

With over 30 years experience we are able to repair ship’s propellor from 250 mm to 8000 mm in our workshop. We also repair larger propellor on the location of your ship (also abroad) when circumstances allow this.

Are you sailing on friday afternoon with damage on your propellor and you need it to be fixed as soon as possible? We are ready for you in the evening, at night and in the weekends!


Are you not satisfied with the current propellor on your ship, then you are in the right place at us. We will look together for the possibilities with regards to your propellor.

This could be:


  • Controlling your propellor by measuring and balancing.
  • To increase or decrease the diameter of your propellor.
  • Heat up bent parts and straighten it back to the original state.
  • Weld broken pieces from a propeller blade back to the propellor.
  • And much more

We repair almost all materials propellor : manganese bronze, stainless steel, aluminium etc. We repair for ships as well as pleasure cruising.